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Welcome! I’m Tam Rodwell.  I am a Father and a Welder and an Author and a Surfer and also a Husband.  I’ve had the pleasure (and a bit of the pain) to write three books now.

My first book Becoming Daddy was a labour of love (pun intended there for my lovely wife – she is amazing, and lovely too)  and a great experience to write.  It was entirely self-published and yes, I even found the printer who printed the copies! What an experience.

And now, I have 2 books that have been published with an actual publisher, Crux Publishing.  My collection of stories, Daredevil Dads was a dream come true to write and to have published.  We have broken it out into two books!

Daredevil Dads is a book where men speak candidly about the thrills, spills and broken bones of life in and out of the red zone, as well as sharing their tales of epic parenting mishaps that will bring a smile to your face.  I am sure you will enjoy the tales of heroics, bravery and sometimes, stupidity (or so many people would judge!).  Enjoy

Daredevil Dads

Daredevil Dads 2
Coming Soon!

Becoming Daddy